Sala de Justicia

The Hall of Justice is reached via the Lion's courtyard.

It's a square room with a vaulted ceiling (qubba). Alfonso XI created a coat of arms for the Order of the Band around 1340. The hall was most likely constructed between 1340 and 1350. However, while the room was dated to Alfonso XI's reign due to, among other details, this coat of arms, the coat of arms of that order also appears in other places in the palace decorated during his son, Pedro I's, reign. It is similar to the Alhambra's Sala de Comares. It was known as the Council Chamber in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was most likely an Almohad room used for a council meeting (maswar) before being refurbished with Mudéjar art by Christians who used it for the same purpose. This was most likely the location of the court presided over by Pedro I, though there are other theories about its possible location. There were three brick steps with a stone throne in this court, but it was demolished before Philip II's visit in 1570. This action irritated Philip II, a great admirer of King Peter and the first to suggest that he be referred to as "the Justiciar."

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