Cámara Santa - Oviedo Cathedral

The Holy Chamber, listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, was built by Alfonso II at the beginning of the 9th century, when he rebuilt the pre-Romanesque church dedicated to San Salvador, which had been erected by Fruela I in the 8th century and later destroyed by the Muslims.

The Cámara Santa (Holy Chamber) is a palatine chapel attached to the Tower of San Miguel, the remains of Fruela's Palace, which is now part of the Gothic-style Cathedral of Oviedo. The Treasures and Relics of the Cathedral have been kept here since the 9th century. Many of these relics had been brought from Toledo, such as the Holy Ark (11th century), the Holy Shroud, relics of the True Cross, the Christ Nicodemus (12th century) and others to keep them away from Muslim territory and the danger of loss that this entailed.

In this section we can highlight a collection of Romanesque sculptures that are considered to be one of the masterpieces of this period.30 These are six pairs of statues that form an apostolate and are located in the four corners and one on each side of the walls at a half distance from the corners; the bases and capitals of these statues are also of great sculptural importance.

The Chamber is also important for the relics that are deposited in it. Of these relics we can highlight: The Holy Ark, the Holy Shroud, the Cross of Victory, the Cross of the Angels and the Ark of Agates, as the main objects.

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