Capilla de la Presentación

Canon Gonzalo Daz de Lerma Polanco commissioned the construction of the Chapel of the Presentation and Consolation between 1519 and 1524 so that it could be used as a burial site for himself, his brother Alonso de Lerma Polanco, and their nephew Juan de Lerma Polanco. Inspired by the Capilla del Condestable (Chapel of the Constable), architect Juan de Matienzo constructed a central floor with an openwork star vault in late Gothic style. The founder, Gonzalo de Lerma, whose funerary bundle was sculpted by Felipe Bigarny with exquisite realism, is buried in a freestanding Gothic-Renaissance tomb. The picture of the Holy Family by Sebastiano del Piombo, which the canon himself imported from Italy, is the focal point of the main altarpiece in neoclassical style. The area is separated from the nave by a Renaissance grille designed by Cristóbal de Andino.

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