Sala del Trono

The original Mudéjar decorations are still present in the doorway that leads to the Chimney Room. An octagonal frame that was carved in 1456 and is comparable to the one that was destroyed by the fire encloses the space. A large plaster frieze that is below it has kept its original design despite the fire's devastation.

The thrones behind the canopy, which bear the Catholic Monarchs' coat of arms and motto "Tanto monta" (so much riding), are from the first decade of the twentieth century. The kings' own portraits, which are a part of the iconography of kings Queen Isabella II commissioned, are displayed on the walls. Madrazo and Montaés both signed the portraits of the Queen Isabella and Don Fernando, respectively.

Henry IV of Castile is shown in the stained glass window, which was created by Segovian artisan Carlos Muoz de Pablos, who also created the windows in the other rooms.

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