In Burgos, the Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María is a Catholic cathedral devoted to the Virgin Mary.

In 1221, it was built in French Gothic style. The main façade's spires, the Condestable chapel, and the transept dome, all in the flamboyant Gothic style, were added in the 15th and 16th centuries. The sacristy and Santa Tecla chapel, along with the Gothic façades of the main façade, were added in the 18th century. Limestone from Hontoria de la Cantera's quarry was used to build and rebuild.

The interior's Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque decorations and liturgical furnishings.

The cathedral houses works by extraordinary artists, such as the architects and sculptors of the Colonia family (Juan, Simón, and Francisco); the architect Juan de Vallejo; the sculptors Gil de Siloé, Felipe Vigarny, Rodrigo de la Haya, Martín de la Haya, Juan de Ancheta, and Juan Pascual de Mena; the sculptor and architect Diego de Siloé; the mason Cristóbal de Andino; the glassmaker Arnao de Flandes; and the painters Alonso de Sedano, Mateo Cerezo,

Paris and Reims churches inspired the main façade's classical French Gothic. It has three sections with two square side towers. Juan de Colonia's 15th-century openwork spires are Germanic-influenced. The Sarmental, Coronería, and Pellejería entrances, all Gothic, are also noteworthy. Bourges Cathedral inspired the church's interior.

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