Campanario - Oviedo Cathedral

The tower's bell room contains the Santa Cruz (cast in 1539 and weighing 1384 kilos), Santa Bárbara (1818 and 116 kilos), the Esquilón (1678 and 481 kilos) and the most important of them all, Wamba. In addition to the bells, it is worth mentioning its old mechanism.

Other bells located in the bell rooms are:

The second timpani, cast in bronze in 1893 by José Sota has a diameter of 52 centimetres, a bronze height of 40 cm and a weight of 81 kg.The first timpani is cast in bronze in 1830 has a diameter of 54 centimetres a bronze height of 47 centimetres and a weight of 91 kilos.

The posar bell was cast in bronze in 1817 by José de Venero, has a diameter of 78 centimetres, a bronze height of 70 centimetres, a rim of 7 centimetres and weighs 275 kilos.

Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding bells is the Santa Cruz bell, so called because it has the image of two crosses in relief, a large one with a pedestal and the Cross of the Angels on the opposite side. This bell was cast in 1539 with a diameter of 1.54 metres, a bronze height of 1.15 metres, a rim of 14 centimetres and a weight of 1,384 kilos.

On the other hand, we can see the bell of Santa Barbara, which was cast in 1818 with a diameter of 66 cm, a bronze height of 56 centimetres, a rim of 7 centimetres and a weight of 166 kilos.

The bell called Esquilón was cast in 1678 with a diameter of 94 centimetres, a bronze height of 85 centimetres, a rim of 8 centimetres and a weight of 481 kilos. It bears various inscriptions, as well as a large cross with a pedestal and three nails in the middle. Next to the large cross there are several crosses.

Finally, we have the Wamba bell, which was cast in 1219. It is the oldest functioning bell in Spain. Its creation dates back to the basilica before the present Gothic church. It still rings the hours despite being cracked, a circumstance that diminishes its sound.

Commissioned by the cathedral canon Pedro Peláez Cabeza in 1219, under the mandate of Bishop Juan González, it is made of bronze and weighs 833 kilos, has a diameter of 130 centimetres, a bronze height of 105 centimetres and a rim of 13 centimetres. Also noteworthy are the bell's handles, on which monstrous faces are depicted. This bell is rung on festivities of great solemnity.

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