Nave derecha - Oviedo Cathedral

The right (or Epistle) nave contains the following chapels (from the foot to the chancel):

The Chapel of Santa Bárbara or San Miguel was founded by Bishop Bernardo Caballero Paredes in Baroque style for a personal pantheon. It has an important altarpiece by Luis Fernández de la Vega. The chapel is named after a 17th century image of the saint by Antonio Borja.

The Chapel of San Martín de Tours, from the 17th century. It is an altarpiece by Luis Fernández de la Vega with the image of the saint in the centre. Above, the Immaculate Conception. On the plinth, the Fathers of the Church.

The Chapel of San Roque. Also known as the Chapel of the Nativity, it dates from the 16th century. It was built by order of the Abbot of Teverga, Fernando de Llanes, to house his tomb. The image of the saint, the work of José Bernardo de la Meana in 1658, stands out above the altarpiece.

The Chapel of San Antonio is Gothic in style and contains a Baroque altarpiece with Rococo elements. It was the work of José Bernardo de la Meana in the mid-18th century. There are three tombs in the chapel.

The Chapel of Santo Cristo de Velarde, Gothic. Its altarpiece is Baroque and in the centre there is a crucified Christ attributed to Berruguete (16th century). It is one of the cathedral's most valuable jewels.

Finally, there is the Chapel of Santa Eulalia, in the Plateresque style of the 17th century. Commissioned by Bishop Pedrejón to the architect Francisco Menéndez Camina, it has a central shrine with a silver urn containing the bones of the saint. Pilgrims used to gather around this shrine. It is quite a luxurious chapel.

Before reaching the main chapel is the Image of Saint Saviour, a 13th-century sculpture attached to the pillar of the south arch of the transept (in the ambulatory). It is believed to have come from the previous Romanesque basilica and was the main destination for pilgrims. As a curiosity, Pope John Paul II prayed at its feet for a long time in 1989.

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