Sala capitular - Oviedo Cathedral

From the west gallery of the cloister you can access the Chapter House. The hall is the oldest part of the Gothic structure of the cathedral, being the place where in 1293 construction work began on the temple under the patronage of the chantre Pedro Esteban and the dean Fernando Alonso, who would become bishop between 1296 and 1301, donating 2000 maravedíes in 1300.

It is built on a square floor plan measuring 9.65 x 9.70 m. The thickness of the walls and the almost total absence of windows stand out, topped by a ribbed vault with eight octagonal structure panels. The succession from the square floor plan to the octagonal vault is achieved by means of four trumpets. On the floor, originally at a lower level than today, there are several tombs. In these tombs are the remains of Álvaro Fernández and the archdeacon Miguel Fernández.

The work on the hall was completed in 1314.

It is here where the remains of the cathedral's choir stalls are located, work carried out between 1491 and 1497 by various foreign masters, including the Gothic sculptor Alejo de Vahía.35 We also find the altarpiece known as the altarpiece of Lamentations or the Lamentation over Christ from the 15th century.

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