Torre - Oviedo Cathedral

With a height of 80 metres, it is divided into five sections that decrease in size as one ascends. The tower begins integrated into the portico on the four pillars that form the arcade. It is topped by a small temple made up of cylindrical towers that end in the arrow of the pinnacle.

In the tower we can find a clock on the first floor, on the top floor the coat of arms of the bishop of Oviedo Cristóbal Rojas Sandoval who held the post when the tower was completed and in each section a window with a mullion that supports stone ogival braids.

The tower is famous in 19th century Spanish literature as it is one of the inert protagonists of Leopoldo Alas "Clarín"'s novel La Regenta. From its height and with the help of a spyglass, Don Fermín de Pas, the Magistral, watched over the city.

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