El beso, 1963 (Sala 3)

Ángel Mateos learned the stonemason's trade when he was young, working with his father, Antonio, a master stonemason who owned a family construction company in which Mateos worked with his brothers. It was there that he acquired, along with a deep respect for a job well done, the knowledge of concrete and stone carving.

This "Beso" is the only direct carving in natural granite in the collection. With it she received one of her first sculpture prizes at the Salón de Otoño in Madrid. It was not the only prize he received in these years, and these prizes ratified the young sculptor's determination.

The differentiated treatment of each figure stands out, perhaps reflecting Mateos's fascination with Michelangelo's unfinished Slaves. The figure of the Renaissance genius was a point of reference for him in his short career.

This kiss, along with a carving of Saint Peter, are the only sculptures Mateos carved in natural stone. And this is not surprising, as the budding sculptor was seeking his own path in art, and this yearning also distanced him from traditional sculptural materials. Mateos already possessed the technique that allowed him to reproduce the natural model, but as a creator he wanted something more. He was still looking for an original sculpture that was not a repetition of traditional models.

El beso, 1963 (Sala 3)
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