Sala 3 - Figuración inicial. 1958-68. Expresionismo.

On entering this room, the visitor may be surprised by sculptures that have nothing to do with the work in the other rooms. It seems as if we have entered a different museum; and, in a way, it is.

This room contains the first artistic period of Ángel Mateos, his figurative period, corresponding to the 1960s. It contains the keys to what would become his mature and most representative work as a sculptor.

In this early sculpture, the young sculptor is looking for his path in art, and this will be marked by principles that are already evident in this room: respect for nature and his passion for emulating it, for creating.

Most of the works in this room belong to the series Acantilados (Cliffs), in which we can see a first, more figurative group as we enter the room, and another group at the back, where his work begins to move away from figuration. All of them have the natural reference as a starting point, although from a very expressionist subjective representation.

The work "El Guerrero" (The Warrior), which closes this stage and contains the key to understanding the passage from figuration to abstraction in Ángel Mateos, is particularly noteworthy. This room also contains the only granite carving and his only bronze work in the collection.

If the visitor wants a chronological tour of the room, he can find a small granite carving entitled El Beso (The Kiss).

Sala 3 - Figuración inicial. 1958-68. Expresionismo.
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