Fuentes del patio - Mezquita Córdoba

The enclosure is divided into three parts, each with a fountain in the centre. In the central part there are also two other fountains, known as the fountain of Santa María and the fountain of Cinamomo.

The fountain of Santa María is a Baroque-style fountain inaugurated around 1741 to replace an earlier one. It consists of a rectangular basin, built in black stone, with four artistic pillars at its corners made by Tomás Jerónimo Pedrajas and a spout in each of them. One of these spouts is popularly known as the olive tree spout because of the almost millenary specimen of this tree next to it.

The Cinamomo fountain, built in 1752, is built on a pillar topped by a cornice and has a grey marble base. It is believed that the name of the fountain comes from a tree that may have been planted next to it.

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