Series espaciales 1968-71

In this series, Espaciales, Ángel Mateos began to work with concrete formwork as the definitive material.

Mateos discovered the possibilities of this material, in which he found the perfect medium for expressing his nascent predilection for the concrete and emphatic. This choice was decisive for the development of his sculpture, as it resulted in a perfect identification between the material and the work.

His passion for the material is already evident in the titles of the first works in this series: Maclas en Hormigón, Paisaje en Hormigón, Tiempo del Hormigón... a material of which he would say that it is "the most representative of the twentieth century".

They are works of geometric structure and strong angularity, in which concrete gives them the effect of a unitary, monolithic mass. The formal closeness of these works to twentieth-century European Brutalist architecture is surprising.

In the texture of the formwork, which is very present, we can see the different directions in the arrangement of the slats, a detail which reinforces their expressionist character.

Series espaciales 1968-71
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