Sala 1 - 1ª abstracción. 1968-75. Brutalismo.

On entering the interior of this museum, one can feel that one has just entered a hidden and surprising world of concrete. In this first room we enter fully into the abstract sculpture of Ángel Mateos, corresponding to the first half of the 1970s. This is his first abstract period, and in it his work undergoes a marked formal and conceptual evolution.

With abstraction Mateos began to use concrete formwork, the material that would identify his mature work. The evolution of his sculpture will be marked by this material, as all his work exudes a marked monumental and architectural character that concrete amplifies.

In this room, these architectural connotations link his sculpture to twentieth-century Brutalist architecture, linked to exposed, "raw" concrete. However, for Mateos, the work of art must be representative of its time, and the material, consequently, must also be representative of its time.

It comprises several series: from some strongly expressionist early works to others that are fully rationalist. The first of these series, the series called Espaciales, is located near the entrance.

Sala 1 - 1ª abstracción. 1968-75. Brutalismo.
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