Habitáculo, 1986 (Sala 2)

In the mid-1980s, Ángel Mateos began to distance himself from the art circuits, from the art world, as he defined it. This distancing from the world of exhibitions led him to consider projects that could symbolise the culmination of his career. And among them he began to forge the idea of a museum for his sculptures.

To this end, he set aside the last minimalist approaches and returned to the expressionism of his early abstractions, to the brutalism of his Espaciales series, although he now incorporates the spatiality that his work has been gaining over the years. Mateos will reclaim the constructive character of his sculpture, now conceived as an architectural project.

This is the great project for which the sculptor had been fighting for years to carry out, but the scale of the project was beyond Mateos's financial possibilities. He was unable to carry it out, and it became part of the world of great works that he had imagined.

We invite the visitor to pause at this work, to approach it and imagine how its interior spaces could house a large exhibition space. What an extraordinary icon of modernity it would have been for the monumental Salamanca.

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Habitáculo, 1986 (Sala 2)
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