Capilla de Nuestra Señora de la Antigua - Mezquita Córdoba

The Chapel of the Virgen de la Antigua is located between the chapels of the north wall of the Cathedral of Cordoba.

Cathedral documentary sources indicate that the Chapel of the Antigua was built by the juror Martín Gómez, who received authorisation in 1612 to build a chapel in front of one of the arches included in the north wall of the cathedral. However, the grant of land to Martín Gómez included the condition that the beneficiary had to move the altar of the Virgen de la Antigua at his own expense, and place there the image of the Virgen de la Antigua that was already in the Mosque-Cathedral. The builder of the chapel faithfully complied with the orders of the Cathedral Chapter and transferred the image to this chapel.

The doorway leading to the chapel is very simple and is decorated with garlands and the coat of arms of the first patron saint. The polychrome tile frontal of the altar table, which tells the story of the patriarch Abraham, dates from the 17th century. The altarpiece that houses the image of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua consists of a bench, on which are two Corinthian columns that flank the niche located in the central body, which support the weight of the cornice of the altarpiece.

The canvas depicting the Virgin of Antigua is sheltered by a semicircular arch and flanked by the two Corinthian columns of the altarpiece, and conforms to a model conserved in Seville Cathedral, which repeats a medieval iconography of Byzantine origin with details from the 14th-century Sienese school. It was made in 1641 by Francisco Vargas.

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