Enterramientos - Mezquita Córdoba

Inside the Mosque there are burials of both members of the Castilian Crown and other famous people.

Members of the Crown of Castile

Over the centuries, several members of royalty were buried in different parts of the temple:

Ferdinand IV of Castile (1285-1312). In 1736 his mortal remains were transferred to the church of San Hipólito in Córdoba, where they remain today.

Alfonso XI of Castile (1311-1350). Son of the previous king and Queen Constanza of Portugal. In 1736, his remains were transferred along with those of his father to the church of San Hipólito in Córdoba,104 where they rest today.

John of Castile (d. 1245). Son of King Ferdinand III of Castile and Queen Joan of Ponthieu. He died at birth.

Henry of Castile (d. 1378-1404). Illegitimate son of King Henry II of Castile and Joan of Sousa. He was Count of Cabra and Duke of Medina Sidonia,108 and his mother was also buried in the same church.

Juan Ponce de Cabrera (d. 1328). He was the great-grandson of King Alfonso IX of León, and was lord of Cabra, half of the castle of Garcíez, and the Tower of Pajares. He was publicly executed in Córdoba by order of Alfonso XI in 1328,110 and was buried with his wife, Inés Enríquez, and his daughter, Sancha Ponce de Cabrera, in the now disappeared chapel of Santiago de la Mezquita-Cathedral, where the chapel of the Sagrario is today.

Leopold of Austria (d. 1557). He was bishop of Cordoba and rector of the University of Salamanca, and was the illegitimate son of Maximilian I of Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor.

Other famous burials

Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (1539-1616). Peruvian-born writer and historian buried in the chapel of Las Ánimas.

Pablo de Céspedes (1548-1608). Clergyman, painter and humanist writer, although the location of his remains is unknown.

Luis de Góngora (1561-1627). Poet of the Golden Age who was buried in an urn in the chapel of San Bartolomé after his position as a canon.

Cardinal Salazar (1630-1706). Bishop of Cordoba and cardinal who built the chapel of Santa Teresa where he is buried.

Pedro Duque Cornejo (1678-1757). Artist in charge of the choir of the Mezquita-Cathedral, who died two weeks before its inauguration and was buried there.

Pedro de Cevallos (1715-1778). First viceroy of the Río de la Plata, buried next to the chapel of Villaviciosa.

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